I Could be in Paris

photo (2)

When I acquired a smart phone something profound began to happen.  Armed with such a light device, I started taking photographs and began to really notice my surroundings.   Dog walks became opportunities to look closely at gardens; social gatherings held fascinating subjects, our home revealed itself as a gallery. By capturing everyday life on film, its beauty was reflected back at me.

photo (2)

 I now feel more connected to the very aliveness of a simple life.  Expressing creativity through digital photography is an easy way to connect with our environment, which in turn reconnects us to our distracted selves.  We are all creative but can conjure up a million excuses to denounce this gift, especially with the catchcry of our times “I’m too busy!”


Setting a few minutes aside to tease our photographer’s eye can reveal unexpected beauty.  We can discover possibilities when weeding the garden, walking through a car park (I discovered Bayside Graffiti on the wall of our local supermarket), or waking the dog through a different neighbourhood.


It’s fun to experiment with the editing options on a smartphone or an app such as Camera+.  There are different coloured filters, a selection of frames and different texts to choose from.  I can edit in front of the TV, while waiting to see a doctor, or travelling on a train.  I am no longer a passive consumer of everybody else’s art, but a creator of my own.


Social Media is a fantastic medium designed for sharing photographs.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all love a good photo!  At first it feels audacious, (why would anyone want to see my pictures?) but believe me, we do!  Personal perspectives offer a freshness away from the recycled posts that trawl through our feeds.  It takes courage to start, but it’s worth it for the effervescent energy creative engagement brings.


Before I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I took many extended working holidays overseas.  I drank in new sights as thirstily as I drank Sangria in Spain or Moosehead in Canada.  I eventually settled in New Zealand with the expectation of exploring a lifetime’s worth of mountain ranges and deep primeval forests.


But it was not to be.  After a diagnosis I was advised to seek medical assistance in Australia and returned home for treatment.  I found it difficult to settle and to adapt to the challenges of living a much reduced lifestyle.  But I was in the best place to raise my son and happily reconnected with old friends while making new ones.  I made a life and it was a good one, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not slake the thirst for new experiences.


When I began to take photos the old curiosity quickened.  Placing myself in the moment reminded me that life is full of colour and texture, and another dimension appeared when I shared images on social media.  I who spend so much time alone, felt validated again through daily engagement with a likeminded community.  I was sharing photos with friends and interacting with people I’ve never met, in countries I’ll probably never visit.  Revealing my world through photography gave me the confidence to reveal myself through writing.


All these photos illustrate that the essence of what I was searching for exists within a radius of a few blocks from home.  With eyes to seek we see another world within.  I’d love to see a glimpse of your world, I’ll be looking!



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  1. richard
    Aug 29, 2014 @ 09:50:21

    im not sure how all this works ,but ive read some of your scripts and like them very much. not even sure hoh I got on to it, but thanks for sharing your heart keep it going girl ,luv ya


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